For the month of February, the Clatskanie Chamber of Commerce is pleased to feature Mental Happiness as our Business Spotlight.

Business Name: Mental Happiness
Address: 35227 Juniper Lane
               St. Helens, Oregon 97051
Phone Number: 850-377-7867
Website: Mental Happiness 
Hours: Call for Appointment

Business Spotlight

The Clatskanie Chamber of Commerce is pleased to feature a local business each month for our Business Spotlight. Business are randomly selected from our current Chamber members and are invited to present at our monthly Chamber meeting. 

Natasha Parvey, owner of Mental Happiness, started her project company in October of 2016, works with clients to set goals, create a plan and then implement the plan. She currently helps clients with social media, blogging, website updates, business and marketing consulting. Her work with Mental Happiness ties in well with her role as the Director of Keep It Local Columbia County, where she has the opportunity to do what she loves, and continue to grow economic development the County.

                                                        Natasha chose to join the Clatskanie Chamber because she wanted to                                                          continue to work countywide. She believes in creating relationships                                                            in surrounding communities and supporting many local businesses,                                                            by purchasing locally herself, as well as sending clients to those                                                                  businesses. She enjoys being a resource for business owners in our                                                              area.

                                                        Of the many services Mental Happiness provides, Natasha is most                                                              excited about the business consulting she provides. She does so, free                                                          of charge, and likes to help provide new ideas to a business owner                                                              and talk about what can work for her clients instead of what’s not.

                                                        Looking to the future, Natasha would like to expand the marketing                                                              side of Mental Happiness in order to act like a media buyer while                                                                working with a client on all their advertising needs.

Natasha wants everyone to know that

in order to promote our community,

it takes everyone cheering for their

neighborhood businesses as a whole.

She indicates that we must take

action steps to keep local businesses

in business. She enjoys taking stress

away from the business owner so that

they do not have to deal with social

media, but can continue to engage with potential customers by creating a consistent Facebook presence for their business. Doing so increases her client’s SEO, and keeps them on the mind of current and potential clients.

Natasha Parvey